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Marijuana Website Design - How To Choose A Marijuana Website Designer

Want To Choose A Marijuana Website Designer? Here are some of the things to consider when choosing a designer for your website.
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Marijuana Website Design
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Cannabis web design is booming. Entering the marijuana niche is an exciting prospect and a well-designed website will go a long way in capturing the attention of prospective clients. Finding the best designer for your cannabis website is crucial. Here are some of the things to consider when choosing a Marijuana Website Design for your website. 

Designer's Portfolio

Marijuana Website Designer Portfolio

Every website designer should possess a comprehensive portfolio of previous work. Designers tend to have this readily available or may direct you to websites they have previously designed. See if the designer has experience in the marijuana niche or other similar clients.

Make a list of items you expect from a designer and compare their work to your expectations. Function and layout of the website is just as important as the actual content. Ensure the designer's work displays well on all types of screens, computers and smartphones.

Write notes about each piece in the portfolio as you use the different sites. Note the functions that you like and clearly identify any elements you do not want on your website. You may also have questions arising from the visits and these should be written down to discuss with the designer.

A good website designer will understand your market, do some research and give you suggestions on reaching your target audience. Knowledge of SEO and writing engaging content is another thing to look out for in the portfolio. 

Designer's Reviews

Marijuana Website Designer Reviews

Reviews are an excellent way to get unbiased feedback on a designer's work. Many websites and social media pages give clients the opportunity to provide feedback, which will shine light on the work ethic of the designer.

A good review doesn't simply state that the client was happy with the work. A solid review will elaborate on the designer's abilities. Look out for the following elements in reviews:

  • The client's needs were taken into account
  • The website produced was in line with the customer's expectations
  • The designer kept the client in the loop and frequent communication took place

The best way to judge a designer's work is to match a portfolio piece with a review. This shows the extent of the work completed and client satisfaction.

If you are going to add an online store to your website, then the designer should have experience in building e-commerce sites. Check the reviews for any references to online stores, user friendliness, and clear vision. 

Website Goals 

You need to think about what you want to achieve with your website before approaching a designer. Your needs are unique and the website will reflect your requirements. Decide if you want to sell marijuana products, promote products or just provide relevant information via your website.

The site built by the designer should address your needs. You also need to decide if you will be doing maintenance and updates on the website, or whether the designer has a package to do these services for you. If a designer is not willing to assist you with this, then you might want to consider a different designer. You need to understand how your site works if you plan on frequently updating products and services.

Keep the future in mind when considering your website. The website designer should be able to help you in planning to add extra pages, locations and search engine optimization to your site. Any cbd business has the potential for growth; a few strong pages can set the scene to add supporting pages at a later point in time.

Your website budget needs to be considered seriously. Custom websites can become expensive but the return on investment is often worth the initial cost layout. It is usually better to go for a small, well-designed website with fewer pages, than having a cheap website with tons of useless information. Your designer can provide you with expansion options to add on to your smaller site at a later stage. 

Preparing to Meet Designers

Select a few designers to consult with in person. You can choose them from portfolios you have viewed online or have a CBD business refer you to a designer. Prepare in advance for each meeting; the following are things to discuss with the designer:

  • Your business' services and products;
  • What you need for e-commerce;
  • Examples of good websites or website elements;
  • Companies you are already using (for example, domain providers); and
  • A list of questions for clarification.

The website falls under your marketing efforts and is a key piece of information for many consumers. A designer who can offer marketing services, or partner with your current marketing agency can provide additional value. 

Skip these Designers

There are some behaviors that designers exhibit, which is worrisome if you want a high quality website. Be wary of exaggerated promises and weak reviews. Scratch a designer off your list if the following issues are present:

  • The designer is not familiar with marijuana businesses and has not previously completed such a website
  • All the website samples look the same
  • Content writing and design is done by a third party
  • Bad reviews that mention poor communication
  • Promises of first page placement on Google
  • Unwillingness to show you how to update the website

Finalizing Your Decision

After finding all the potential website designers and looking through their work, it is time to make a decision. Do not rush your decision-making; consider each designer and the work they have completed. Cross the ones that you are uncertain about off the list and select only your top choices.

Ensure you go through the chosen designer's portfolio with care and ask them as many questions as possible. Keep the future in mind and ask them for guidance in future expansion and support when you need it. A designer with contacts in marketing and public relations will have added benefits for your website.

The website designer you choose must have experience in designing marijuana websites. There are legal restrictions to consider with this type of business and a designer who has previous experience will have an edge above the rest. 

Not sure how to get started contact our professional web development project managers ready to help you on your next marijuana websites.


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